Why Patona? Seamless growth for scale-ups

If you’re an ambitious startup founder with your sights set on expanding your business, you’ve probably already encountered the many challenges that come with scaling a company. We’re also going to take a guess and say it’s what made you click on this article!

Managing growing teams, developing new products, and entering new markets requires significant time, resources and cash flow - things early stage startups often lack. Recruiting alone can take up to 40 days and cost over $23K according to a 2022 HR survey. When you're strapped for time and cash, recruiting skilled talent can feel like a daunting task

But with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be!

Patona is an outsourcing specialist focused on helping startups achieve seamless growth through expertise, flexibility and major time savings. We’ve been through the startup journey ourselves and we truly understand both the pitfalls, and what it takes to grow a successful business from the ground up — we’re here to make seamless growth a reality!

Why outsource with Patona?

As a start-up, you likely want to focus your time and funds on core business functions like product development and customer acquisition. However, non-core tasks like administration, payroll and compliance can easily overwhelm internal resources. This is where Patona helps reduce the stress (and the cost!).

Our suite of flexible HR and payroll services allows you to easily hire skilled staff, manage global teams and scale up as needed. By outsourcing non-core functions to Patona, start-ups save both time and money that can be reinvested into growth.

Build your dream team

Using Patona's global talent platform gives start-ups access to a pool of highly skilled staff from over 150 countries. Gain the freedom to quickly hire team members with specialised expertise to take your business to the next level. Access a pool of pre-vetted global talent from our network of software engineers, marketers, customer support agents and skilled experts in various fields.

Payroll, benefits, and all other HR activities are managed through a single dashboard, freeing your time and attention for product development, sales and marketing.

Focus on growth, not administration

We’re able to provide customised solutions that allow you to quickly hire additional team members worldwide as your needs evolve. Our platform also streamlines paperwork so new hires can start contributing value faster.

Don’t spend anymore time drafting job descriptions, screening CVs, and conducting interviews — let Patona handle the operational burdens while you focus on the big picture.

Flexible scaling for any stage

Growing start-ups change direction quickly. We understand this and have built flexibility into our service model. Leverage Patona's pay-as-you-go model to add specialised contractors for temporary projects without long-term commitments. As your business expands, we give you the flexibility to scale up your team alongside your goals. Whether you need a few extra hands or are building a team of 50 across 5 offices, Patona grows with you every step of the way.

Peace of mind in every market

Keeping up with international regulations can be challenging, but it is crucial when expanding globally. With Patona, start-ups gain safe entry into new markets through our expertise in global employment law. We assume responsibility for all regulatory requirements so your business is protected. Team members also enjoy industry-leading benefits and security through our high-level of certification standards.

Support from experienced partners

Unlike agencies unfamiliar with start-up realities, Patona has been through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Our passion is helping innovative businesses succeed, and we understand the importance of agility, transparency and proactivity every step of the way. As much a part of your team as an employer and advisor, we are invested in the seamless growth of your company.

The Patona difference

While many providers can offer staffing and recruitment help, Patona goes far beyond simply filling roles. Our team of start-up specialists provides strategic guidance and support built on real-world experience and insights, along with:

  • Instant access to hand-picked, pre-vetted global talent within days, not weeks. Build your team faster.
  • End-to-end support from sourcing to hiring, onboarding, management and offboarding. We handle everything HR so you can stay focused.
  • Flexibility to scale up and down as business needs change, with the option of building teams for the long haul, or hiring contractors to fill in short term vacancies.
  • Compliance expertise to expand globally with confidence and peace of mind. We handle all legal, payroll and tax complexities.
  • Proactive guidance on team structure, hiring strategy, and growth planning from seasoned start-up advisors.

Realise your potential with Patona

Partnering with Patona means the freedom to develop your minimum viable product, gain traction, and realise your business vision while reducing administrative burdens and compliance risks. 

Our results speak for themselves and we’re trusted by many of the fastest growing start-ups in the region when it comes to seamless international expansion, including Thriday, Waave, OZSale and Crikey

If you want to know how we can be a part of your team, get in touch with our experts today to discover how our global outsourcing solutions can help fuel your start-up's potential for seamless growth.