New Feature: Performance Pulse

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Your Team's Performance

Have you ever wondered how to keep track of your team's performance in a way that's both effective and engaging? That's exactly what we had in mind when we created Performance Pulse, our innovative feature designed to help you stay connected with your team's progress and needs frequently. It prompts you to give active feedback, fostering open communication to boost productivity.

Here's how it works

At the end of each month, we'll send an email asking you to provide some feedback on your team's performance. The goal is to give a quick pulse check on how your team member is performing.

All you need to do is hit the rating stars in the email to dive in:

You'll be taken to our user-friendly Performance Pulse section in your browser where you can easily update all your team member's feedback in one view:

Alternatively, you can view and provide feedback in the Patona dashboard at any time. Simply navigate to Performance Pulse to input and view your team’s feedback for the month:

Here, it's all about giving your team members a score out of five stars. But hey, don't just stop at the stars! Adding a few words about why you chose that rating can make a world of difference. It helps in maintaining clear communication and boosts productivity and trust.

Should you give an employee 0-3 stars, a member from our talent team will reach out to discuss further. We’ll work with you and the employee to implement a personal improvement plan to help the team member.

Your feedback is a treasure trove of insights for us at Patona. We use it to understand how staff members are faring in various companies and where we can help to improve productivity. All your feedback is confidentially shared with us by default. But, you also have the option to share it with your team members, which is a great way to foster an open and supportive work culture. If you choose to share it with your team members they will be notified via email with their score and comments.

And here’s the fun part - recognising your stars! If some team members have really shone bright, why not reward them? You can view the individual team members’ profile in the platform, then hit the Reward button. Here you’ll find some pre-set rewards like Amazon vouchers, a box of chocolates, or even a day off. Feel free to customise these rewards to align with your company's spirit.

Benefits for managers

Enhanced team insights: Performance Pulse gives you a crystal-clear picture of your team's strengths and areas for improvement. This insight is invaluable for tailoring your management approach and fostering each member's growth.

Streamlined feedback process: Say goodbye to cumbersome review processes! Our tool makes giving feedback a breeze, saving you time and ensuring that your team gets timely, constructive feedback.

Boosted morale and engagement: When team members know where they stand and how they can improve, it boosts their morale. Plus, the option to reward outstanding performers can significantly enhance engagement and motivation.

Benefits for team members

Clarity and direction: Performance Pulse provides your team with clear and consistent feedback, helping them to understand their strengths and areas for development from your perspective. This clarity empowers them to focus on what matters most in their career growth.

Recognition and rewards: Who doesn't love being recognised for their hard work? With Performance Pulse, your team’s achievements don't go unnoticed. The chance to earn incentives like vouchers and days off adds an exciting layer of recognition to their job.

Open communication: This tool opens up a channel for honest and constructive communication between you and your staff. It's a safe space to express yourself and help your team to understand things from your perspective, fostering a healthy and transparent work environment.

So, let's make performance reviews something your team looks forward to. With Performance Pulse, it's all about celebrating progress and nurturing a vibrant, collaborative work environment. Let’s keep our finger on the pulse!