Strategic teamwork
that delivers

Patona gives technology businesses brilliant specialists who deliver solutions that reduce cost, overhead, and operational complexity.

Patona will seamlessly plug into your team, culture, goals and vision, and help you strategically scale your team.


Reduce your costs and operational complexity

Patona teams approach problems with strategic thinking to help uplift your business’ operational efficiency and reduce your overheads.


Strategic and scalable technology services

Our deep knowledge and specialist expertise ensures our partnership with you delivers exactly what you need, when you need it.

DevOps and infrastructure
Application management
Business intelligence
& reporting
Managed teams

Flexible and highly responsive teamwork

Patona works as if it were your own team, aligned with your goals, and building towards your vision.


A fun, challenging, and fast paced environment

Competitive Benefits

Patona offers competitive salaries and benefits that help us find hard working amazing talent, drive satisfaction, and proudly retain our team

Attractive Perks

We make sure our team don’t just come to work, but come to have fun as well. That’s why we put rewards, recognition and good times at the heart of our family.

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