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As an organization our vision, to serve as an extended team to our clients with unified goals and create a positive work atmosphere for our talent remains as strong as ever. All the efforts by our associates and management are unified towards achieving the very same.

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2020: An year of unprecedented challenges

A graphic highlighting key developments for Patona in the year 2020.

A year when the world was plagued by the pandemic and 121 Million Indians lost their jobs after a month of lockdown – Team Patona’s tireless work ethic and professional outreach saw a 3x growth in size of the team post the pandemic.

As an organization, not only do we take initiatives towards best-in-class client servicing, our employee health and safety are of paramount importance to us as well. Pro-actively identifying gravity of the pandemic widespread, we were among the first IT companies in Pune to ask our employees to work from home. We initiated remote working from 13th March 2020 i.e. ten days before the nation-wide lockdown in India.

We take immense pride in the fact that our talented team of associates delivered business as usual for each project undertaken. The resilience and professionalism displayed by our associates was only possible owing to our cultivated approach and tremendous support and sacrifices of their family members. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every family member of our employees for their magnanimous support in these unprecedented times.

Vision 2021

Explaining Patona's vision for the year 2021

As an organization our vision, to serve as an extended team to our clients with unified goals and create a positive work atmosphere for our talent remains as strong as ever. All the efforts by our associates and management are unified towards achieving the very same.

Our conquest 2021, begins by building on the learning and success scaled in 2020, we look at doubling our team size through the year. We are actively recruiting the best talents across our capabilities and aim to have a team of 200+ associates by the end of 2021.

Talent retention is a key priority for us as we continue to onboard the top professionals with every passing day. Our culture plays a key role in ensuring that employees remain motivated and retain the zeal to work. A strong corporate culture lays foundation for the trust for everyone to do the right thing.

“At Patona; we are an employee friendly workplace with the best-in-class employee remuneration, benefits etc. and will continue to evolve as we head into a new normal in 2021.”

Work from home to continue in 2021

2021 is here, will we continue to work from home?

In continuance to the previous blog - working remotely is showing benefits on all fronts for Patona and its people, in order to ensure well being of our employees and their families, we’ve decided to continue with the WFH policy in2021.

As our teams shall continue to ensure that the client deliverables are met without any compromise on the quality, we strive to ensure that remote working does not become an hinderance. Our special WFH package ensures that our employees can buy anything from noise cancellation headphones, ergonomic work desk and chairs etc. to overcome challenges if any.

With team expansion plans in place, we continue to remotely onboard talents across the country and work towards innovative engagement activities that enable them to blend into our culture.

Workplace social - Surprises incoming!

Yes! Once the pandemic ceases and more people start getting the vaccine, we aim to reopen our offices but in a never-seen-before avatar. We are working on redesigning our office spaces to become more fun where employees can meet-up couple of times, indulge in indoor games and have break-out sessions with their teams. We look to eliminate dedicated desks and create a more social vibe on the floor.

We understand the importance of team-bonding sessions and the challenges that prevent these activities while working remotely. Our HR team works pro-actively to identify and curate activities to keep the employees connected and motivated.

Patona Promise

To the clients

Our teams work as a natural extension to you and deliver the tasks with same ownership and accountability.

We ensure fast, secured and affordable operational efficiencies.
To enhance the IT security and compliance risks we are pro-actively getting ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant for our customers.

Teams are agile, scalable and tailored to the assigned projects.

To the employees

We ensure an awesome work culture that is reflected in the work and attitude of the team members with a vast range of experience.

At Patona, we recognize work-life balance is key to employee happiness and thus, we work towards ensuring a work-life balance for our employees that they are sure to bein awe with.

We ensure job stability for our employees and continue to mentor them towards professional and personal growth.

About Patona

A journey that started as a bootstrapped start-up has now blossomed into a dream team of 100+ top talents that is responsible for successfully developing, supporting, and scaling multiple Australia based businesses since 2019. We enable building off-shore teams comprising of best-in-class software developers, QA testers and business analysts for tech companies looking to reduce overhead costs.

We provide great job opportunities for tech professionals to work on prestigious long-term international projects and work alongside top talents in the industry. To explore career opportunities with us, visit our careers page for more information. Check the latest job postings on our LinkedIn profile and get a chance to come aboard a team filled with passionate professionals with a plethora of experience.