It is National Technology day in India and we being a part of the tech revolution, wish to take a step back and identify technologies that really helped us survive the pandemic. Most of the technologies existed in a pre-pandemic world, but the importance and effective utilization of the same surfaced when the going got tough. Here’s identifying 7 tech innovations that really helped us survive the pandemic.

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Conference Calling

Image of a woman attending a conference call for business from her home during the pandemic

Between Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings over 475 Million video conferences happened daily during 2020 i.e. an approximate total of 173.85Bn video calls in an year. These are unprecedented numbers. Add 55 Million daily calls on WhatsApp, the number skyrockets to ~194Bn conference calls in a year!

It is impossible to imagine collaborative working in remote working environments without the comforts of having access to teammates at the click of a button. Many families have hosted virtual get togethers, birthday celebrations and even marriage via conference calling.

Online Learning & Education

Close up of a woman taking notes during an online educational lecture

Educational institutions adapting to online classes and an overall digital module ensured students did not miss a year of education owing to the pandemic. In addition to students accessing knowledge via digital mediums, the pandemic saw a steep rise in people from all age groups signing up for multiple online courses to enhance their skill-set and acquire more knowledge.

Google Calendar/Daily Organisers

Close up image of a professional setting-up events in his daily calendar.

Over 500Mn people use Google Calendars across the globe and during the pandemic, effective use of calendars ensured work-life balance for professionals across the world. A planned google calendar is a strong medium of communication wherein peers are expected to block time on the basis of your available bandwidth.

People who started using calendars/daily organiser after 2020 would conform to the ease it brings towards pre-planning the day and avoiding miscommunication that could cause two or more meetings to overlap.  

OTT Platforms

Imagine the lockdown days without Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube etc. where you could switch on your favourite movie to chill with family or listen to your favourite podcasts. The thought itself is frightening. Amazon Prime Video in India reported 83% increase in Daily Active Users, since the country went under the first lockdown on 23rd March, 2020

The evolution of OTT entertainment scaled new heights when mega starrer movies were launched on OTT platforms given the conventional movie multiplexes being shut to prevent large public gatherings. Indeed, OTT revolution has been a boon to the movie and soap buffs as they have everything they love at the press of a button, literally!

Digital Banking

A set of cards placed on a laptop keyboard

68% Indian consumers report to use online banking as their preferred mode of bank transactions. With the evolution of technology, digital banking has become more easy and secure for the users. The increase in the number of daily active users is testament to the same fact. The people can now carry out their banking transactions without visiting the branch and stay in fear of coming in contact with the virus.  

Many banks like Kotak, DBS etc. offer online-only bank accounts as well. The increasing preference of users towards contact-less digital banking has encouraged major banks like ICICI to offer entire banking solutions on their digital platforms.

Digital Healthcare & Fitness

Image of a man pointing towards the screen where a panel of doctors appear available for e-consultation.

Probably the biggest boon to humans during the pandemic was the rise in usage of Digital healthcare and fitness apps. Smart devices like the smart watch have made way to 36.4Mn users in India during 2020. The ease of access to information around body vitals like heart rate, stress levels and SPO2 level has even saved lives of people.

Many gym-goers found respite in the digital fitness programs that were available online during 2020. Many gym trainers found livelihood during the testing times by hosting virtual session with their students.

Responses from People at Patona

We asked our team to tell us which of the above technologies did they find the most useful during these turbulent times, their responses indicate that conference calling, digital banking and online education were the most comforting technologies during the lockdown. This being followed by OTT entertainment.

Indeed, technology has been a saviour for many users across the country. We wish all a very happy National Technology Day and urge all to stay safe, get vaccinated and follow all COVID safety related protocols in case they need to step out.