Remote working


Work from home model comes with a truckload of positives as mentioned in earlier blogs. However, it is quintessential to understand the set of challenges it may bring for on-the-job creativity and the overall thought-process of the professionals. After all the best ideas and solutions often come from candid conversations and group discussions on varied topics. Right? Here's a list of 5 activities that can help professionals enhance their creativity while working from home.

3 mins


“Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable.”
Kara Goucher

Running is not only effective for a better cardiovascular health, losing fat etc. but also overall improved brain health. Regular running can help you achieve overall lower stress levels and thus freeing up mind-space to tackle problems with a creative outreach.

Additional travel time saved by working from home can be used to set a running routine, stick to it religiously and keep pushing yourself to sustained faster pace and longer distances. Since running requires immense determinations and overall coordination, the professionals who indulge in running find themselves getting better at decision making, creative problem solving and experience better motivation levels than others.

Mind Games

Work from home facilitates personnel to spend additional time with their family and friends. How about indulging in mind games that will not only enhance the fun quotient at home but also assist you to be more creative at work.

Games like Chess, Riddles, Pictionary, Sudoku, Scrabble, Rubix Cube etc. keep the creative juices flowing and prevent the professionals from facing creative blocks time and again. The practice of engaging the team members in mind games as team building activities can also enhance the overall creative quotient of a team that is working remotely.


“We travel, because we need to. Because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity.”
- Jonah Lehrer

People who travel frequently are observed to be more patient, accepting and overall emanate positivity. Such professionals, reportedly experience higher levels of creativity and offer a fresh perspective on identifying opportunities or suggest creative solutions depending on the situation.

Travel exposes you to new people. new cultures and a whole new set of experiences which enhances the knowledge base and cognitive abilities of a person.
While we continue to work remotely, a short escape over the weekend to nearby destinations can offer great reconnect with nature and away from week-long work chaos and home confinement. However, given the unprecedented times that we live in, it is imperative that all safety protocols are adhered to on travel expeditions.


It is important to declutter the mind for enhancing creativity. Meditation does exactly that! Dedicating 15-20 minutes a day in small sessions of 5 minutes apiece can go along way in ensuring that you experience lower stress levels and have a better clarity of thought.

Since Meditation can be done anywhere, it becomes a great tool for creative professionals working from home. Simple meditation exercises can help in momentarily detaching from chaos and prioritising effectively. Professionals who meditate regularly are reported to be more receptive to knowledge and are relied upon for direction by the fellow team members.  


Be it playing a musical instrument, listening/singing the favourite set of songs or breaking into an impromptu dance –music can work a source for reset and uplifting the creativity among professionals especially when operating on work from home model. Studies have shown that happy music with high emotions have a positive impact on creativity.

The detoxifying properties of indulging in music and melody helps the brain to calm down and think positively. A positive frame of mind is quintessential for creativity to blossom among professionals. Custom and focused playlists for boosting creativity are available on popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Gaana and Jio Saavn.


We at Patona identify the need among professionals to stay creative and enhance the same overtime. We’ve therefore implemented special break-out sessions like #ThankYouThursdays and #FunFridaysto ensure there is enough interaction among all team members. We also work in an inclusive culture where the new joinees are welcomed with a special WFH package to take care of their remote working requirements.

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