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Remote working is the preferred choice of 67% Indian working professionals. The benefits of the same observed through the major part of 2020 indicate that work from home model is here to stay. With all the possible benefits that working from the comforts of your home bring to the table, there is no denying the fact that a set of challenges do present themselves at varying frequencies for professionals working from home. We’ve identified 10 tips to work from home, that will elevate your remote working experience and ensure you deliver the best every single day.

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Connect your headphones and disconnect from the disturbances while you work from home

The most common distraction for professionals working from home is the unwanted noise coming from sources unknown. Be it noisy neighbours, nearby construction or just loud sounds coming from the television in the living room. The sound disturbances can surely throw the most dedicated professionals off their game. We’ve got three words for you – Noise Cancelling Earphones.

Yes, these earphones are great to get you going. Connect them to your system and groove to your favourite beats or listen to focus enhancing playlists on your favourite music streaming app. The noise cancelling headphones allow you hear what you like and disconnect with what you do not.


While working from home, find your creative corner and keep it tidy.

The comforts of working from home open of possibilities of working from the kitchen table or sitting in the balcony etc. However, it is recommended that you find your creative corner in the house and designate yourself to that space every time you fire up your laptop.

Make sure you keep the workspace clean, tidy and organised. An organised workspace is an essential for enhanced productivity and lower levels of stress. Feel free to style your work area to what inspires you the most, but make sure you keep it that way. Always ensure you have the fastest internet connection at the place you decide to dedicate for working.


Taking notes is priceless while working from home

Probably growing up everyone has been taught the importance of writing notes while studying, working or for self-organisation itself. The habit of penning down notes facilitates better on-job performance as one tends to forget less and has more reference to context then others in team discussions.

Jotting down notes also helps set good example for senior professionals, as it enables them to have structured conversations with their reportees and share enhanced feedback. It is advised to take notes during a team meeting and share minutes of the same with all team members who we represent on the call for overall alignment.  


Cultivate and retain a happy atmosphere while you work from home

For people who are missing office amidst remote working, remember the reason you enjoyed working in office. Wasn’t it the happy vibe created by colleagues? How about recreating the same at home? Let’s start with not yelling at them for suddenly bursting in to the room while you’re on a video call. Its absolutely okay and all professionals will understand.

Talk to your family about your work and see them transform into pillars of strength from the perceived distractions. Always remember they’re in it with you. It is not usual for them to see you sit idle at a place and not talk to them for hours at a stretch. Cultivating a happy and conversational atmosphere at home can go miles towards keep you motivated and highly productive.


Agenda for meetings help to regulate conversations and focus

Conferencing via video/audio calls on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype saved the day for managing remote working teams scattered across geographies in the dire lockdown times. However, unstructured and un-organised team calls can be chaotic and yield limited results.

Take the initiative in setting an agenda for the meeting while sharing the invite and set the tone early in the conference call by establishing actionable points to ensure structure of the meeting. Of-course a casual joke here and there to lighten up a dull meeting is welcome, but avoid digressing from the agenda.


Calendarising your day helps you stay organised whether you work from home or office

You can ace the work from home model with this hack and achieve the ever-so desirable work-life balance. Always keep your calendar updated with your working hours and mark yourself unavailable for when you’re away from keyboard. This will allow your team mates to send planned calendar invites and save you from joining a meeting as soon as you’re off the bed.

The habit of calendarizing your day also shows you in good light to the management as an organised professional with a sense of direction and responsibility. There are many features like setting recurring meetings, auto-decline requests in non-work hours etc. that can help you work remotely without hinderance from unexpected meetings.


Deliver your best while working from home by staying active

Sitting upright in the right posture will not only save you from the damages caused by working for long hours in a slouched or reclined position but also ensure you’re alert and more focused at work. It is essential to take breaks at periodic intervals to avoid issues like procrastination and lethargy creeping in.

Avoid sitting for long hours and get-up to stretch in between. Engage yourself in activities to disengage from the work mode. Water the plants at home, take up deep cleaning etc. during the breaks and return to your work desks with a sense of achievement and happiness every single time!  


Green plants on work desk keep the mood light and air clean

Plants on your work desk can help you keep your concentration going for longer hours than usual. Also many indoor air-purifying plants keep the air clean in and around your workspace. Indoor plants like Bonsai, Ficus and Hyacinth do not only add oomph by their striking looks but also help you breathe healthy and stay calm amidst work chaos.

Watering plants, pruning leaves and soil turning are known destressing activities and can get your work-drive up and running in no time.


Engaging in team activities while working from home can lead to better coordination

Distance should not become an hindrance for bonding with your team members. Technological advancements like mini games during videocalls, or HR team driven activities can help in creating ever-lasting bonds with your colleagues.

It is recommended that seniors and management too participate in the activities to encourage participation from all levels within the system. Team bonding activities lay foundation for effective display of teamwork shown during crunch problem resolution or delivering on a tight deadline.


There is a world out there and it is beautiful! It is essential to rekindle the love to be outdoors and connect with nature and all things wonderful while ensuring all necessary safety protocols are followed. Go for a run, cycle or hit the road for a trip with friends/family during long weekends to your nearby out-city destinations.

The enchanting greens, waterfalls and time spent on the beach with your loved ones is all that you need to recharge your batteries and get back to working from the comforts of your home with a renewed zeal and positive attitude.  


We at Patona have not only adopted the work from home model successfully but we also understand the potential challenges our top talents may face while they deliver day in – day out for our clients. We take care of our employees by providing them a lucrative work from home package that makes sure their basic remote working requirements are covered.

Our HR policies and core culture facilitates team work, professional and personal growth while working remotely. With 100+ employees scattered across 26 states, we continue to deliver business as usual.

Find out more about our capabilities and explore career opportunities with us. We look forward to hearing from you.