Remote working


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Work from homea concept not so new but has now become the preferred choice of 74% of Indian employees. As the vaccinations for COVID-19 have started rolling out, the dilemma of going back to the office or continuing to work from home is taking center stage.  

Here’s our take on why work from home is the best for working professionals in India.

Imagine the time saved while commuting to office through traffic and crowded public transport!

Statistically speaking, before the pandemic, the average time spent by an Indian employee on travel to work was 1.45hrs. This translates to 29hrs every month (i.e. ~4 working days) and 348hrs every year (i.e. ~44 working days) just traveling to-and-fro to work! (Obviously, we’ve calculated 20 working days a month 😉) 

The absence of daily travel leads to reduced fatigue and a positive frame of mind and most importantly, more time with the family for employees. Such positivity translates to higher productivity at work which is a win-win situation for both the employees and employers.  

It is important to stay home and stay safe!

The pandemic is far from over and even the vaccinations are at a nascent stage in the country. It is quintessential to ensure the health and safety of your near and dear ones. Work from home ensures that family members of the employees are never at risk because of traveling in public transport or coming in contact with colleagues at work. 

Although the situation is improving gradually, it is not advisable to ignore the safety protocols like social distancing, wearing masks, and crowd gatherings. Work from home is recommended to ensure no more families are affected by the Covid-19. Stay home. Stay Safe. 

Stay at home, stay healthy.

This is highly dependent on the zeal and determination of the employees. But, work from home provides opportunities to lead a healthier lifestyle. Post the lockdown, multiple fitness and well-being apps saw a surge in user engagement from the working professionals in India. With gyms re-opening and growing digital fitness markets, the working professionals can dedicate the hours spent in travel for staying fit as they continue to work from home. 

Staying at home means eating healthy home-cooked food. This further bolsters a healthier lifestyle at large by limiting consumption of junk food or outside foods.

Increased Savings

Ever since work from home has been enabled, Indians have experienced additional monthly savings of ₹5,520 on average. More savings never hurt especially in unprecedented times like these. You can either choose to invest smartly in a SIP or simply save up to upgrade to one of the latest large-screen smart televisions to impress your friends and family. 19% of working professionals have even managed to save more than ₹10,000/month while working from home.

No rent + reduced lifestyle expenses = More Savings! 

The pandemic saw a large chunk of the workforce move back to their homes across the country and give up their rented apartments thus enabling added savings per month. Similarly, working from the comforts of home has enabled savings on lifestyle expenses like shopping for office outfits, accessories, and impromptu team parties. (We all miss the parties though!)

More time, more money, more skills!

The added time and money at hand have piqued the interest of Indians to invest and indulge in upgrading themselves. Ever since the nation-wide lockdown, many people lost their jobs or were put on immediate notice. Many talents found it hard to secure jobs in the same fields owing to hiring freeze across sectors. Having a secondary skill helped many Indians take alternate career paths to avoid a financial crisis.  

Work from home has enabled Indians to build a secondary skillset, enhance technical proficiency and embrace the ever-growing digital world. Many Indians even pursued and monetized their secondary skills. A rise in the number of cooking channels, gamers, and vloggers since lockdown on YouTube proves that following your passion can yield great returns. 

Work from your favourite corner, work in your comfort clothes!

No more jostling for space on shared work desks and absolutely no discomfort caused by sitting in fitted clothing throughout the day! Having interactive workplaces and ergonomically designed offices are important to have a motivated set of employees. Work from home takes care of all the above without any added costs! 

Work from home enables sitting in the favorite corner of the house (ensure network connectivity 😉) and wear comfortable clothes for employees as they set out to meet deliverables for the day. Personalized workspaces designed to the liking of the professionals; some professionals are even blessed to have enviable mesmerizing views right out of the window that replenishes their energy levels by a simple gaze away from the screen.

Happy mind yields higher results!

69% of Indian employees feel that their productivity is enhanced as they work from home. In the initial phases of the lockdown, employee creativity took a hit given the absence of immediate feedback and availability of teammates to bounce off ideas. However, the improving virtual communication and growing acceptance for the same has seen significant improvement in employee productivity and creativity levels across different business sectors. 

The direct and indirect incentives of working from home have played a key part in employee motivation. The job security and trust placed by the organization have brought out nothing but the best in employees across India. The business went as usual despite remote working given the perseverance and positive intent displayed by the working professionals in the country. 

WFH enables growth of pseudo-leads within the organisation.

The remote working practices have instilled a greater sense of ownership and accountability in modern-day employees. The multiple personal and professional perks of having work from home jobs have fueled the desire among Indians to improve every day and perform consistently at the highest levels.

Organizations that placed their trust in their workforce and empowered their employees to work from home are enjoying the benefits of having motivated hands on deck. The increased ownership and accountability demonstrated by the employees results in the growth of pseudo-leads within the existing set of talents.   

Different time-zones, no stress. Flexible working hours are here.

Indians are among the most sought-after professionals across the globe for the sheer dedication and agile approach to getting work done that they bring to the table. Work from home enables Indian professionals to have work hours customized to their convenience and at the same time be available to tend to urgent requests from the clients without batting an eye.

Given the unprecedented circumstances, many professionals have outperformed themselves by successfully shuffling between the responsibilities entrusted to them by their respective companies and established their credentials as upcoming leaders within the organization. Flexible working not only is beneficial to the organization but also the professional growth of the employees.

Team work and communication is the key to success of any organisation.

Probably the biggest challenge one would envision when work from home was enforced was cohesive working and communication. Indians have surpassed expectations on this front and how! With telecommuting facilities like zoom calls, google meets and many others, working professionals in India have overcome the distance barriers to ensure their deliverables are met.

The ownership and accountability displayed by the employees in terms of being team players and sharing work loads have encouraged many individuals to step out of shadows and display their team-player attributes in full glory. 

Patona is a people-first organization and identifying the potential threat of the pandemic, we were among the first to migrate our team to a remote working model. The model has been massively successful and as stated in our Vision 2021, we plan to continue the WFH policy for our employees.

We provide a lucrative work from home package for all our new team members as they are onboarded into the company. We provide a special fund for the employees to buy the equipment/accessories they might need to combat work from home challenges.

Yes, the office spaces and we miss our employees too! Thus, we have planned to reopen offices for team gatherings and breakout sessions once more and more Indians are successfully vaccinated. We shall encourage teams to visit the office once or twice a week once this is rolled out.